Academic Consulting

Note: I am currently not accepting medical school application consulting clients at this time, but please send me an email if you would like to join my waitlist or are interested in general advising.

I have had the privilege of serving students as an academic consultant for over four years now, and my expertise is in working with undergraduate students from all backgrounds prepare for medical school. One of my greatest joys is helping pre-medical students achieve great success in college, and I have helped over twenty students achieve admission into some of the most competitive medical schools in the nation. Through advising, application brainstorming, essay editing, and interview coaching, the student’s I’ve worked with have been admitted to UCLA, UCSF, UCSD, Hopkins, Cornell and others.

By going through this process myself and serving as a student-interviewer for the UCLA-Caltech MD/PhD program, I am able to share insight into what makes a truly strong medical school applicant. Below is more information on the services I provide. If you are interested in booking a free initial consultation or have any questions, please email me at

Pre-Medical Advising

Navigating the pre-medical process can be daunting for even the most college-ready students. Part of the problem is that students are often inundated with bad advice about how to grow into someone who truly stands out to a medical school admission committee. I help demystify this process and share insights into how I was able to maintain a 3.98 GPA at Hopkins while pursuing extracurriculars that I was passionate about: namely biomedical research and working as a professional cook. Instead of being a cookie-cutter applicant, my goal is to help others find their passions as individuals and show that they are well-rounded students who will make phenomenal future doctors, and I believe that through intentional planning, any student can make great strides as a pre-medical student towards becoming someone that medical schools are excited to admit.

Medical School Application Consulting

After the hard work of getting good grades and stellar MCAT scores, many students struggle with preparing a compelling medical school application. It’s difficult to brainstorm and write a truly memorable personal statement and prepare secondary applications. Through my experience writing applications for medical schools and completive fellowships and also ready hundreds of medical school essays, I have tremendous experience evaluating and preparing outstanding applications.

Instead of providing a formula for application success, I tailor my recommendations to each individual student I work with to help them prepare the best essays possible. In this way, students are able to stand out and show off their accomplishments. From brainstorming to outlining and editing, I help students in every step of the writing process to create a narrative that is authentic to their story while highlighting accomplishments and skills that medical schools look for in prospective students.

In addition, I help students prepare for interviews. Because many applicants have not experienced high-pressure interviews like traditional or ‘MMI’ medical school interviews, I help students practice conversational interviewing and train them to answer difficult questions comfortably and confidently. I have also been able to impart how I practice for interviews to avoid sounding robotic and uncomfortable. These skills helped me during medical school interviews and were integral in winning the PD Soros Fellowship and it is my joy to pass this knowledge on to others.